The Waldorf School of Atlanta and Academe of the Oaks are pleased to host a new Foundation Studies course through the Center for Anthroposophy beginning this year.

What is Foundation Studies all about?

It is a guided exploration of Anthroposphy and the Arts.

Just what is it that draws us to Waldorf Education? Do you feel a desire to learn more about the foundations of Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy? Do you wonder what framework our class teachers draw on when designing the curriculum? The Center for Anthroposophy offers a course of study that is a guided exploration of anthroposophy and the arts. The program is designed for anyone wishing to understand the underlying philosophical basis for Waldorf Education and is open to parents, teachers, school volunteers, and community members. It can be a great starting point for anyone wishing to pursue Waldorf teacher training and is often a source of incredible self-development.

The Foundation Studies Program is made up of several Saturday sessions in which participants work as a group, with time in between for individual study. Each session is anchored by a presentation from an experienced Waldorf teacher or Anthroposophist, and together with the group, forms a study of Rudolf Steiner’s basic books. Participants will also experience artistic activities like painting, drawing, singing and eurythmy. The shared questions, presentations and artistic renewal will help develop a support network within our school community and is sure to strengthen the spirit of our school.

Registration is going on now. Opening weekend is Friday night, August 26 & Saturday, August 27, 2011. The program primarily runs two Saturdays a month from 9 -1. There are also two special seminars on August 26 & 27 (Opening weekend) and November 4 & 5. We are working to form a childcare co-op for parents who enroll in the course. Financial aid is available through the Center for Anthroposophy.

Please contact the local coordinator, Angela Foster, at for more information or to register visit:

To view our schedule, please click here.

“No day should pass in our human life without receiving at least one thought that alters our nature a little, that enables us to develop instead of merely to exist.”

~ Rudolf Steiner