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Today our school officially celebrates a new beginning — a clear vision longing to be shared with like-minded parents in Atlanta who are looking for a different way to raise and educate their children. The Waldorf School of Atlanta believes childhood is sacred. You may have already read about our school’s goal to have full enrollment and waiting lists for every class. You may know that the school is taking a patient, thoughtful approach to this goal by setting our sights on the kindergarten and first grade. You probably know how important word of mouth is to enrollment. We hope you have read about the marketing committee’s efforts to develop a clear identity for The Waldorf School of Atlanta that makes it easy to talk about our school in a consistent and clear way. You could be one of the many parents who participated in a survey or focus group this year, and on behalf of the board, thank you!  Some of you may have even heard our school’s new tagline on NPR this winter:

Childhood First.

At last, the words I’ve needed to talk about our school! I can’t wait to tell my friends this summer about this school that offers something completely unexpected; an approach to education that is so unusual in this world of overload that it is nothing short of revolutionary; a place where kids don’t have to grow up too fast; a place where children act like children, while learning how to work together, and how to work alone; a place where the very fabric of teaching is based on the needs of the child, not the needs of the education. I can’t wait to talk about this school that teaches my daughters in a way that her grandparents, and even my grandparents, can understand. I can’t wait to share stories of play, of reading, of knitting, of math, of music, and did I mention play?! I will tell them about this school that is giving these leaders of the future room to be kids today.

I am excited about the future of our school. I hope you will join me in sharing this vision with the rest of our community!

~Patrick Foster
WSA Marketing Committee Chair

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 This article was first printed in the May 2013 edition of the Garden Breeze newsletter of the Waldorf School of Atlanta.  Visit us online at