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In the 1500, Rene Descartes challenged our understanding of self with ‘I doubt therefore I think, I think, therefore I am’ and opened up the world of scientific inquiry. Science today investigates phenomena at the molecular level and finds all suddenly changed: what we thought previously about the activity of a given factor at this level in a cellular process has been found to play an opposite roll in other circumstances. Does this mean there is flow and thought, freedom and movement at this level? Does “systems biology” open up almost unimaginable levels of complexity, or does it bring us back to more basic truth? At this time of year as we gaze into the starry heavens populated with uncountable numbers of stars, we remind ourselves that while man is the thinking animal, he is also a being capable of love, and love is found most poignantly when we give it to another. As we move into the holiday season of many religions we are reminded by the candle light of those celebrations that it is our love that lights these long dark days of winter, illuminating complex systems of giving and receiving, of freedom to be new and different in every moment, which, as we are learning from molecular biology, is our heritage and our destiny.

~Sara Walsh

This article appeared originally in the December 2011 edition of the Garden Breeze newsletter.  Visit us online at . 

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