The Spanish Language program at the Waldorf School of Atlanta is led by Catalina De Luna Garza.  A review of the Language Program can be found on our website and specific insights into teaching each grade are found in these letters to the parents.


Dear Seventh Grade Parents,

Seventh grade has begun Spanish lessons with great enthusiasm, energy and good rhythm. They will have three Spanish sessions during the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In this grade the search for answers, causes, and reasons continues. Discoveries are made and new goals are reached. The students’ new vision of the world needs new perspectives and answers. Likewise, in the language class, they are going to require a content that responds to their needs, as well as new challenges that will support the strengthening of their sense of self.

The study of voyages and discoveries forms a major part of the main lesson curriculum. For Spanish lesson, it is an extraordinary opportunity to explore old cultures of the American continent. Stories of European explorers and conquerors, as well as legends and historical narratives of indigenous people will be the main focus. The seventh grade curriculum deepens the cultural studies through geography, history, literature, and poetry.

Specific grammar work involves an extensive work with verb conjugation: present, past and future of regular verbs as well as simple irregular verbs. Vocabulary for everyday situations such as shopping, asking for directions, and other varied social situations provides a framework for these grammar studies.

In 6th grade students began an organized binder with all of the material being learned including cultural notes, poetry, practice sheets, homework/classwork assignments and grammar.  Students are expected to take their binder home and have daily reviews of the material covered at school (10 minutes would be sufficient) to keep the language learning ongoing. Seventh graders are expected to complete regular weekly homework assignments and prepare for quizzes and vocabulary tests.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Spanish program, please email me.


Catalina De Luna, Spanish Teacher at WSA