In September 2014, parents at the Waldorf School of Atlanta began a Media-Lite Living initiative.  The WSA Family Handbook holds recommendations about limiting media.  This initiative is designed to support parents on this road.  We are archiving the articles, stories and testimonials from this initiative on the WSA blog.  Introduction article is here.

 Media-Lite Living

1. Updates

Several introductory meetings for the Parent Initiative for Media-Lite Living have been held recently. The atmosphere is open and comfortable; many thought-provoking conversations have ensued about media-lite living.

2a. Offerings: Research

Please use the following link for the Steve Jobs article on being a low tech parent, in case the recently printed article was hard to open.

2b. Offerings: Parent Testimonial

Part of what attracted me to Waldorf for my girls (now 13 and 16) was the media-lite policy. I wanted my girls to be able to fully grow into their best selves, and it seemed like the way for them to do that was to do “real” things, not sit in front of the TV. I wanted them to play with friends that came over so that they would learn good social skills and also have the benefit of real play. We have by no means been a media-free family, but we did have two rules: no media on play dates, and no TV Monday through Thursday.

With the media flooding the general culture, it has been difficult to stand my ground on this issue! It has been very helpful to have the support of other parents at Waldorf. It also helped that the kids were with peers that had similar rules at home. I’m grateful that the Waldorf community helped my husband and me to limit media exposure. It has helped us to teach our own values to our kids, rather than having them bombarded by whatever the television show creators chose to say.

~WSA 8th grade parent

   The above article was taken from The Garden Breeze, our WSA in-house newsletter.  For more information about our school, please visit us at Waldorf School of AtlantaLinden Tree Photography - Geometry_018.jpg