In September 2014, parents at the Waldorf School of Atlanta began a Media-Lite Living initiative.  The WSA Family Handbook holds recommendations about limiting media.  This initiative is designed to support parents on this road.  We are archiving the articles, stories and testimonials from this initiative on the WSA blog.  An Introduction article that includes links to articles in this series is here.

Alumnus Testimonial:

I never realized how lucky I was to have had a media-free childhood until a couple of years ago. When I graduated 8th grade at WSA in 2008, a media-free/media-light way of life was all I had ever known. I had taken for granted the opportunities for creativity and independent thought Waldorf provided me with until I entered public high school, a world full of media and lost innocence, with less emphasis on creativity. Growing up without the intruding, often negative, influence of movies and TV shows opened new worlds of adventure for me. I was allowed to draw, play, sing, and dream as I liked, never held down by the perimeter of a screen or the limits of a computer program. Now, times have changed and media permeates every aspect of modern life. However I still do, and always will, hold close to my heart my memories of a free childhood, full of imagination and happiness, spontaneity and adventure, exploration and creation; all this thanks to the Waldorf philosophy.

E H, WSA Class of 2008

Currently a junior at the College of William & Mary


The above article was taken from The Garden Breeze, our WSA in-house newsletter.  For more information about our school, please visit us at the Waldorf School of Atlanta.