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In September 2014, parents at the Waldorf School of Atlanta began a Media-Lite Living initiative.  The WSA Family Handbook holds recommendations about limiting media.  This initiative is designed to support parents on this road.  We are archiving the articles, stories and testimonials from this initiative on the WSA blog.  An Introduction article that includes links to articles in this series is here.

Alumnus Testimonial:

Growing up, living in a media-lite, if not media-free household, shaped me in ways I was not able to appreciate until recently. I didn’t know it at the time, but not being immersed in outside influences from a television screen allowed me to form ideas about the world and myself solely from the nurturing environment I lived in. I also credit my love of drawing, painting and reading to the fact that those were the things I occupied my time with instead of TV, movies, or smartphones. One of my favorite pastimes as a child was to pretend I had a cooking show. I would sit in the small garden in front of my house and explain to my “audience” (my dog, Summer, and the occasional stuffed animal) the techniques and ingredients needed to make the perfect mud pie, or grass and violet salad. I had zero interest in the TV we kept in the hall closet, or the laptop my father sometimes brought home from work, and the only movies I had ever seen were The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz.  As a 7th grader, not having all the newest gadgets was disappointing and maddening to say the least, but if I were to go back and re-live my life, my years at Waldorf being a media-lite student is not something I would ever change. I know I have the capability and tools to go into the world and look at things with an entirely unique perspective, and for that I will always be thankful to my Waldorf upbringing.

~Annabelle, Grade 12 student at Academe Of the Oaks

The above article was taken from The Garden Breeze, our WSA in-house newsletter.  For more information about our school, please visit us at the Waldorf School of Atlanta.

Waldorf School of Atlanta - student work
Waldorf School of Atlanta – student work