WSA Parent Initiative for Media-Lite Living  (updated 08/31/2015)

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How do I compete with Disney?

Will my child be behind if he doesn’t have Minecraft with breakfast?

Are iPads the right answer to “Mom, I’m bored”?

 Examine these questions – and discover the answers – 

through Media-Lite Living

 Twenty-First Century Parenting

The 21st century has seen a dramatic increase of electronic media in the lives of our children and families.

To counter the “new normal” of our times, we founded the WSA Parent Initiative for Media-Lite Living in September 2014. Our goals are to:

  • Protect childhood
  • Nurture children’s ability to thrive with low (or no) technology
  • Support fellow parents with alternatives to electronic media
  • Articulate the adverse effects of electronic media, especially on children


We believe that children have an inherent aptitude for self-reliance, resourcefulness, and creativity. Remember when you spent hours roaming parks and forests with friends? The endless games you created? Playing solitaire with a real deck of cards? Drifting off while reading a captivating novel?


We’re parents who believe we can create that safety zone for our children. We’ve seen first-hand how their imagination thrives when they experience – and we help keep – childhood first.


Our Guiding Principles

  1. Respect and Openness
  • We respect each family’s unique journey in creating a media-lite living lifestyle.
  • We recognize cultural pressures for families to frequently use electronic media.
  • We are a “no-blame” zone and a safe, accessible place for parents to work through challenges with media-lite living.
  1. Collaboration
  • We inspire each other by sharing success stories of alternatives to media at home.
  • We endorse the benefits of media-lite living for our children and families.
  • We recommend reviewing Media Guidelines-Overview in the WSA Family Handbook.
  • We report current research on the benefits of media-lite living.
  1. Action
  • Take the initiative to create a media-lite lifestyle at home.
  • Pair up with a media-lite mentor (fellow parent) for encouragement and support.
  • Keep playdates free of electronic media and screen time, both at home and in the car.
  • Facilitate and support conversations by sharing successes and challenges of how to navigate media-lite living.
  • Read and contribute articles to the ongoing Media-Lite Living column in the WSA online Breeze Bulletin newsletter.
  • Voice questions and concerns about media-lite living with WSA teachers.

 Prominent publications like The New York Times continue to report the growing research on electronic media’s adverse effects on children’s development and, more broadly, our lives.    Despite these studies, it’s getting harder to swim against the current and limit our children’s exposure to media.   At WSA, The Initiative for Media-Lite Living is our ongoing dialogue exploring this vital subject.

Join us on this journey and experience the beauty that rises when media subsides

Less Media – More Living



 Sara Michelson, WSA Parent

Emily Zdan, WSA Community Chair

Ally Delpino, WSA Parent Association Co-Leader