Throughout the day, you will hear children at WSA singing. Music is built into the curriculum and transitions, and now research from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden shows that daily singing can improve both emotional and physical health to help you live a longer life.
“(Singing) can also help to clear out your sinuses and reduce your stress. Through a daily dose of music, you can relieve pain, boost relaxation, and increase your productivity at work.”
“Singing is also good for your health in other ways. When you sing, you have to concentrate on your breathing. This works out muscles that are responsible for your breath. You end up strengthening your lungs, heart, and the muscles in your upper body.”
Adults are encouraged to bring song into their lives, too! Read the article, “Singing Daily Reduces Stress, Helps You Live Longer And Even Clears Sinuses, According To New Research” to learn more about the health benefits of singing:

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