At WSA’s play-based early childhood programs, every kindergarten student who will be six years old by June 1st has an individual Grade 1 “adventure” to assess their readiness to begin their academic education. Experience has shown that a child who hasn’t yet met certain milestones in their development and behavior might struggle with focused academic learning in the Grade school. Kindergarten teachers, together with WSA’s Learning Specialist, gather focused observations from the child’s classroom participation and from the Grade 1 assessment to create a developmental picture of each child. Decisions to move a child on to Grade 1 or hold them for an additional year of kindergarten are not made lightly or without heartfelt consideration.

In the Associated Press article, “Younger School Entry Could Set Stage for ADHD Diagnosis”, Dr. William Cooper noted that “younger children can have more trouble paying attention, sitting still, and controlling their impulses. Compared to other kids, they may look like they have ADHD.”

Rest assured that parents and teachers both have the same goals…to place the child in a learning situation that will best meet their developmental needs now and in the years to come.